Saturday, October 31, 2009

Its the Big 12 (North)!!!

CU is bad, there's no doubt about that. But sadly, if the Buffs had (somehow) managed to bear Kansas State last week, they would probably be the favorite to win the North. An amazing turn of events considering the 1-4 start to the season. Not that anyone that remotely pays attention to CU football thought the team has any chance of winning last weekend (except maybe Dan Hawkins depending on whether you think he pays any attention to the football program or not). The sad part is that playing in a Big 12 North division that has been one of the worst in recent memory, Hawkins is preparing to match the embarrassing 2-10 record of his first season.

I feel sorry for Vegas this week, they had to choose a line in a game featuring a 4-3 team with and 0-3 record in the Big 12 and a 2-5 team with a 1-2 record in the Big 12. Not an easy task by any means, but I can't say I disagree with Missouri being the 3 point favorite, still it's pathetic to be giving points at home when the other team hasn't won a single game in the Big 12. And the even more pathetic part is that the sucker bet is on the Buffs to cover. Vegas knows how bad of a coach Hawkins is, but people are going to look at the match-up on paper and pick Colorado. Who knows -- maybe Hawkins will actually let Tyler Hansen play the entire game, but it's obvious from the line that Vegas expects Cody to play.


  1. Really!? 26-0 ? Safety? MU ready to strike again and we're still not to halftime? This is an inept team! Sorry but Dan must go or welcome to the celler of the Big 12 for sometime to come.

    Good thing we have the Broncos, Nuggets and Avalanche to root for...

    This is a team that has given up ...

  2. I will not attend or renew until this loser is outta here. We have not been ready to play for 4 years now and I cant take it anymore!!!

  3. It makes me hardly get excited about tomorrows game. Get ride of Hawkins and give us some competition. Go HUSKERS.