Thursday, November 19, 2009

Another Thursday, Another Loss

Hard to believe that the last time Colorado played at Oklahoma State the Buffs won 34-0. The sad part is that the last time the Buff went to Oklahoma State was 2005 -- Barnett's last season. It honestly amazes me how little time it took Hawkins to completely run the football program into the ground. The line for the game tonight is Oklahoma State by 17, but if the score was 34-0 before Hawkins' obligatory garbage time touchdown, I wouldn't be surprised at all. The only consolation for Buffs fans about the game tonight is that the second-to-last humiliation on national TV this season will hopefully be Hawkins' second-to-last game as Colorado's head coach. Best of luck to the team tonight, but if you think the Buffs have a chance at winning this game, you're wrong.

1 comment:

  1. Word to that...there were too many coaching calls that were plain stupid tonight.. they should of let the kicker try again.. at least making a field goal later possible...

    Fire Dan Hawkins...I'm a poor History alum but i'd donate 50 dollars to his buyout for some sanity, sooner than later..

    B Sherman Grad 2008