Tuesday, November 3, 2009

The Beginning of the End

Darrell Scott is leaving CU:
Sophomore tailback Darrell Scott, the biggest recruiting prize in coach Dan Hawkins' four-year tenure at Colorado, is leaving the program after 1 1/2 season filled with injuries and frustration.

Who didn't see this coming? Scotty Knight apparently.
"He never said anything," receiver Scotty McKnight said. "If he did, I would have tried to keep him here ... Maybe he felt this is the best thing for him and that's the way it goes."

Sad to see Darrell go, but I can't blame him at all. Hopefully this and the other quality recruits that are bound to follow suit will force Bohn to fire Hawkins. Oh wait, CU doesn't have any other quality recruits.

Unfortunately, Darrell Scott's decision to transfer won't just ruin Dan Hawkins chances of getting any decent recruits, it will tarnish CU's reputation even after Hawkins gets fired. It will be a long long time before CU even has a season with a winning record.

On the bright side, can't wait to see how Hawkins tries to spin this one. "We have so much talent on this team, there just wasn't room for someone like Darrell. I'm glad he'll have the chance to start on a less talented team like UCLA."


  1. Wow. This kid didn't even respect or like his coaching staff to inform them personally. That speaks volumes about the trust and bond between coach and player. This kid was the Top player (although he was played like a 2nd stringer) and yet the coaches didn't have a clue that he was unhappy?

    Fire Dan, Fire Darian, Fire the whole bunch!
    Take up a collection, starting this weekend at the A&M game, station collectors at each entrance with a sign and a bucket. CU can't afford to let them go but the boosters can.
    These guys haven't done the basics of fostering a culture of success. You don't have to win every game to have this culture, it's understood there will be better teams and coaches.

  2. Who's fault is it that Scott showed up out of shape, was beaten out for playing time by a 1 star back, never could play when he was nicked up like starring players do, and was tackled from behind by a Toledo LB? Then sends a text message that he's quitting? Why doesn't Scott own up to this?

  3. Scott was pretty worthless. UCLA told him to go pound sand. Lazy and selfish. Fucking show up and make some plays, then quit because you're not getting enough reps.