Thursday, November 26, 2009


I hate to ruin your Thanksgiving, but it's not me that's ruining it -- it's the Colorado AD.

Colorado has announced that Dan Hawkins will continue to coach the Buffaloes and return for his fifth season next year.

This is one of the most cowardly decisions I've ever witnessed. If Mike Bohn was interested in anything besides his own career, he wouldn't be saying this.


  1. Time to get a fire Bohn movement going and he might get the message clear, YOU SHOULD HAVE FIRED HIM BOHN! I have never seen a better reason to fire a coach than these last 4 years of the Hawk show. Now, another year of this (who knows, maybe more). Unbelievable is right!

  2. Garbage time again. Get a TD on the last play... yeah, that'll win over some hearts even though we lost to the Huskers. Nice Loss hawk.

    Undisciplined play, slow players, no answer for Nebraskas defense, unable to stop the run, period. Can't wait till next year.