Friday, November 27, 2009


Game today was even harder to watch than normal, since for the first time all season I didn't have the hope that Hawkins was going to be fired after the game. It was a nice touch to score 6 points on the last play of the game -- you really showed the haters Hawk! On the bright side, at least the Buffs aren't going to get blown out in the big 12 championship 2005 style. That "honor" goes to the Huskers. If they can't put away a team as undisciplined and poorly coached as Colorado, they're going to get put away pretty quickly by a team that's actually good.


  1. Go Big Red! With our last 20 year history with the Buffs, this game always has the feeling that it could go either way, almost like the Sooners (Not!). Today (as with last year) it went our way. Wasn't always pretty but we scored in all phases of the game which is always good. I like both a rushing an passing TD.

    I've got a better feeling going into the game at Texas. We probably won't win but our defense will keep us in the game. I'll go out on a limb with a NU Wins projection of 21-17 NU. That last TD by Hawkins is becoming his signature and defines his character. Most coaches would throw in the towel, accept defeat gracefully, wish the other coach well, etc. But not Hawkins. Nope, put points on the board all the way to the last second and then gripe because he wants the extra point with time expired. Not sure why this is important to him but I know it doesn't go well with the other Big 12 coaches/fans who like the more graceful loss .vs. last-second-score-with-your-starters-in-with-no-chance-of-winning. Pretty pathetic to me.

    Sorry to see you're stuck with Hawkins for another year. Actually more sorry he's stuck with Cu for another year. I think he's a quality guy and coach. CU doesn't deserve the quality and integrity he brings to the school.

  2. I hope the possibility of Nebraska losing to a superior Texas team next week is enough to comfort you during the long cold off-season. What does it feel like to have 4 straight losing seasons and know that your program is pretty well fucked for the next decade?

  3. Imagine if Callahan had 3 less wins during each of his seasons at Nebraska and after his 4th year, when everyone was expecting him to be fired, the athletic department decided to bring him back for another year. Thats how I feel right now. The only thing I'm remotely happy about right now is that I don't have to watch Hawkins bumble around on the sidelines at a bowl game in a month while CU loses to a 6-6 MAC team.

  4. Hawkins isn't man enough to resign and bohnhead hasn't the guts to fire him..... They make a wonderful couple..... It reminded me of when Bush said to Mike Brown-Fema Director after hurricane Katrina: "Brownie, you're doing a heck of a job".... Maybe all that's left for us BUFF fans is to just not show up at home games next year until both hawkins and bohnhead have left Boulder in pursuit of another athletic program that they can bring to its knees...... Great website Atown Andy-you deserve credit..... i've commented here before and as a CU Fan for almost 50 yrs. it's hard to be so negative with a school i really love..... Kudos to CU basketball asst. coach Mclain on a great job of coaching while in Hawaii..... The team played well and with passion and heart----- something to look forward to this season....

  5. Burn CU Burn!

  6. you hear about Hawkins' new age reading list?

  7. Well forget about the Huskers getting blown out of the CCG.
    Can't spell suck without the CU

  8. The last gasp aspect of Dan Hawkin's gamesmanship is going to be problematic for him in the future. Coaching is a fraternal group and although a coaches team plays another's team there is a bond between coaches. Scoring futile points at the end is disrespectful and coaches have long memories. When they meet again, that coach will put emphasis on beating the other soundly, not giving the usual coaching respect of limiting the embarrassment.

    A good example is the NU .vs. CU game. The game was over and the graceful, respectful thing for Hawkins to do was to take a knee but he went for a last second (actually zero seconds) TD and got it but it fired up Pelini. A lot of writers thought he was yelling at Carl for letting it happen but he was yelling about Dan's move 'Can you believe that crap?'

    Conversely look at how Arizona handled their last drive being shutout but finally gaining enough momentum and field position that they could avoid the shutout by just kicking a field goal. Mike Stoops gets it. He understands the unwritten guideline and respects the opposing coach/team. The went for a TD and failed. At the end of the game he reasoned saying that if NU could continue to keep his team out of the end zone, they'd earned the right to shut them out and a field goal would be disrespectful and meaningless.

    Dan would do well in learning the concept of respecting the earned effort of the opposing team and not trying to diminish it with meaningless points. He won't as he'd rather enjoy the last second points that indicate, to the casual reader that only scans scores, he was closer in losing than he actually was. He does this at the expense of respecting the opposing coach/team that just whipped him and his team.

    Paybacks are hell and I know the Pelini Bros are licking their chops at CU's trip to Lincoln next year. That will be a game to remember as it'll probably be Hawk's last in this league.

  9. Jan 5th-
    Are you talking about poor sportsmanship on the part of Hawkins scoring a meaningless TD? I recall the Huskers in 2008 scoring a huge, statement-making TD on the last play of the game to make the score: Missouri 52 Nebraska 17. I guess that's OK since it was Nebraska, right?

    Glass houses, brother.

  10. This site is still up and running?