Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hawkins Never Ceases to Amaze

It's hard to win the turnover battle 4-1 and lose a game, but Hawkins just managed to do exactly that. Can someone explain to me why you have your kicker kick a 49 yard field goal, but 15 minutes later facing a shorter field goal you decide to go for it? Coaching has killed this team all season and it killed the team again tonight.


  1. Word to that...there were too many coaching calls that were plain stupid tonight.. they should of let the kicker try again.. at least making a field goal later possible...

    Fire Dan Hawkins...I'm a poor History alum but i'd donate 50 dollars to his buyout for some sanity, sooner than later..

    B Sherman Grad 2008

  2. Great confidence in your field goal kicker and unbelievable usage of your 3 timeouts when you decided to let your tired defense bail out your horrific play calling..... Hawkins and Bohn should both be buffaloed out of Boulder .....

    Ken class of '69

  3. It is rotten from the head on down. CAN DAN NOW!!!

    Bang the monkey - e-mail Mike Bohn today and let him know we want Dan Hawkins fired.

  4. Hi Buff Fans!

    I'm hoping that last nights performance will be the final straw in the camels back but who knows. I'm a CU alum ('03) who lives in Austin. An interesting article came out in Texas monthly last November which chronicles the rise of the program. -- If CU really wants to become great again they need to take a few pointers from the UT athletic dept. Bottom line it starts with a great coach and builds the program on savvy business marketing opportunities and licensing rights. The whole thing worked and was based on one thing -- Wins! Heres to getting a new head coach.

  5. that Kansas City site did it again. I gotta say this guy can be mean but he is funny.

  6. Where do CU fans get the notion that they support a storied program that is entitled to winning seasons? The Buffs have never been consistently good. One national championship, one heisman, and a handful of division championships do not a winning tradition make. You guys must have hit your heads when you rushed the field after beating...gasp, Wyoming. Stay classy, Boulder.

  7. I'm hoping the Huskers play all backups. If they win, great but the real win will be that they'll rest all their starters for the real game against Texas. If they lose, it might give Bohn enough fodder to justify keeping Dan around for another year. This year has been too funny!

    Either way NU will always be able to say they played just backups and either the backups were beat by CU's starters (no loss there) or that the backups beat CU's starter (Huge laugher)

    Actually I hope Dan leaves CU before he gets CU'd.... This University kills good coaches.

  8. Think he wishes he was back in Boise?